Flowcraft is used in the INNUENDO Platform as the pipeline builder, which generates the pipelines according to the available protocols. Besides that, the flowcraft web-application is also used for pipeline process inspection and visualization of reports.


For the pipeline builder installation, check the Flowcraft [documentation](https://flowcraft.readthedocs.io/en/latest/?badge=latest)

For the install the Flowcraft webapp installation for pipleine inspection report visualization, follow the bellow steps:

# Clone Flowcraft webapp repository
git clone https://github.com/assemblerflow/flowcraft-webapp.git && cd flowcraft-webapp

# Install requirements (pipenv and >=python3.6 is required)
cd flowcraft-webapp
pipenv install --system --deploy --ignore-pipfile

# Install frontend dependencies
cd flowcraft-webapp && yarn install --network-timeout 1000000 && exit

# Construct required databases databases (postgreSQL is required)
python3 manage.py makemigrations
python3 manage.py migrate

# Build frontend required file
yarn run build

# Lauch the application
python3 manage.py runserver

To configure the service, checkout how to do it by going here.